Complete Handlebar Switch Set Honda CB500T CB500 Twin

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Manufacturer: Honda
OEM PN: 1975-1976
Fits Make: Honda
Fits Model: CB500T
Year Range: 1975-1976
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ID: HC Handlebars & Controls H CB500T Twin 1975 1976
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This is an original set of handlebars with a complete control set for a 1975 � 1976 Honda CB500T twin-cylinder motorcycle. This is the original handlebars with slots cut in them to allow, hidden, the passage of the electrical controls� wiring into the bike. You get a left side handlebar switch set complete with clutch lever and perch, a right side handlebar switch set complete with brake lever and perch, and a set of throttle and clutch cables! We do not know if the cables are in a usable condition, but they do not look bad and they should probably work. There is a broken mount and 3 cut wires. The wire covering is coming off.
Please note that all used motorcycle parts are sold used and as-is.

Manufacturer PN: CB500T
OEM PN: 1975
Compatible model: CB500T
Compatible years:1975

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