Honda CL 350 CB350 CB350K Carb. Rebuild Kit x2 New

SKU: 21524
UPC: 18-2416
Manufacturer: Honda
Fits Make: Honda
Fits Model: CB350, CL350
Year Range: 1968-1973
Part Type:
Part Code:
ID: Carb Kit H CB350 CB350K
Converted: Y

These are two brand new rebuild kits for 1968 - 1973 CB 350 , CB-350 , CB350 , CB 350K ,CB350 K , CB 350 K , CB-350-K , CB350K .Also fits CL350 Cl 350 You get two kits, enough to do one bike. Each kit contains: a float needle and seat, a pilot jet, a needle jet,an air screw and spring,a main jet,needle jet clipand a float bowl Oring. Just what you need to make your CB350 run right!!!!

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