About Us


              Rice Paddy is a multi decade collection of motorcycle parts, ideas, and experience;
In one form or another Rice Paddy has been helping motorcyclists keep their machines running since the mid 1980's.  In 2001 Rice Paddy began selling on the web and now helps motorcyclists around the world work on, customize, and maintain their motorcycles.  We have shipped to 6 continents and dozens of countries as well as 1000's (over 40,000 on Ebay alone) of motorcyclists here in Ohio and the U.S.A.
             Owned and operated by a series of motorcycle enthusiasts including a body man, a flat tracker, and a roadracer , Rice Paddy has had many influences guiding it's growth and mission.  Over the years we have fixed up and sold 100's of motorcycles and built dozens of customs while helping our customers do the same.  Along the way we have taught our customers D.I.Y. skills such as; tuning, jetting, engine building , cable making, and so much more.  
            We sell only brands that have been tried on our own bikes. This means there are fewer items on our website than our competitors who have never tried the products they sell. We sell our parts at the lowest price we can manage so your dollar takes you further down the two wheeled road.
Throughout the years and influences one idea remains central;
 We are interested in helping you keep your motorcycle experience a satisfying one by  giving you the knowledge to accomplish your goals.