EBC Brakes FA36 Organic Brake Pads

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Part Title: FA36 BRK PAD EBC
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These are brake pads or shoes for your motorcycle or ATV! If you don't know which set you need, call us and we'd be happy to help.

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Compatible make: FA36 BRK PAD EBC
Compatible model: FA36

Compatible Models

KawasakiKZ 650 C3 Custom use from F/No. 023101 REAR79
KawasakiKZ 650 D1/D1A SR Series REAR78-79
KawasakiKZ 650 D2 SR Series REAR79
KawasakiKZ 1000 A1/A2/A2A REAR77-78
KawasakiKZ 1000 A3/A3A/A4 REAR79-80
KawasakiKZ 1000 B3/B4 (LTD) REAR79-80
KawasakiKZ 1000 C1/C1A Police series REAR78
KawasakiKZ 1000 C2/C3/C4 REAR79-81
KawasakiKZ 1000 D1 (Z1-R series) REAR78
KawasakiKZ 1000 D3 (Z1-R series) REAR80
KawasakiKZ 1000 E1/E2 ST & Shaft REAR79-80
KawasakiKZ 1000 G1 Classic REAR80
KawasakiKZ 1300 A1/A2/A3/A4 REAR79-82
KawasakiKZ 1300 B2 (Touring) REAR80
SuzukiGS 550 C/N/EC/EN REAR77-79
SuzukiGS 550 ET REAR80
SuzukiGS 550 MZ REAR82
SuzukiGS 550 LT REAR80
SuzukiGS 550 LX REAR81
SuzukiGS 550 TX REAR81
SuzukiGS 650 EX/EZ REAR81-82
SuzukiGS 650 GX/GZ/GD REAR81-83
SuzukiGS 650 GLX/GLZ/GLD REAR81-83
SuzukiGS 650 MD REAR83
SuzukiXN 85 D (673cc) REAR83
SuzukiGS 700 EF/ESF REAR85
SuzukiGS 750 B (8 Valve) REAR77
SuzukiGS 750 C/N (8 Valve) REAR78-79
SuzukiGS 750 EC/EN (8 Valve) REAR78-79
SuzukiGS 750 LN (8 Valve) REAR79
SuzukiGS 750 ET/EX/EZ (16 valve) REAR80-82
SuzukiGS 750 LT/LX (16 valve) REAR80-81
SuzukiGS 750 ED/ESD REAR83
SuzukiGS 750 SD REAR83
SuzukiGS 850 GN REAR79
SuzukiGS 850 GT/GX/GLT REAR80-81
SuzukiGS 850 GLX/GLZ/GZ/GLD/GD REAR80-83
SuzukiGS 1000 C/N REAR78-79
SuzukiGS 1000 EC/EN/SN/LN REAR78-79
SuzukiGS 1000 ET/ST/SZ REAR80-82
SuzukiGS 1000 GT/GX REAR80-81
SuzukiGS 1000 GLT/GLX REAR80-81
SuzukiGS 1100 ET/EX/EZ/ED/ESD REAR80-83
SuzukiGS 1100 LT REAR80
SuzukiGS 1100 GZ/GD REAR82-83
SuzukiGS 1100 GLZ/GLD REAR82-83
SuzukiGS 1100 GKZ/GK2/GKD REAR82-83
SuzukiGS 1100 SD REAR83
SuzukiGV 1200 GLF/GLF2/GLG Madura REAR85-86

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