Kawasaki KZ400 KZ440 LTD BELT Stator Generator KZ 440

SKU: 26959
Manufacturer: Kawasaki
MFG PN: KZ440,400
OEM PN: 1978-1983
Fits Make: Kawasaki
Fits Model: KZ440,400
Year Range: 1978-1983
Part Type:
Part Code:
ID: Stator K KZ400 KZ440 LTD BELT
Converted: Y
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This is an electrical generator stator for a 1979 Kawasaki KZ400 . This stator was removed from an engine several years ago. Before being packaged securely it was given a static ( benchtop ) test whereby the leads of the stator were checked to be neither dead shorted to each other nor totally disconnected from each other. This is a standard test for stators that are not in engines, and indicates that the stator is good approximately 95% of the time. We cannot guarantee that this stator is good but are pretty sure. If you have any questions please contact us before buying. This part costs over $125.00 as a rebuilt component, PLUS core. Grab this great deal today!

This Kawasaki Part # 21003-1009 STATOR ASSEMBLY fits:
KZ400-B1 (1978)
KZ400-B2 (1979)
KZ400-C1 (1978)
KZ400-H1 (1979)
KZ440-A1 LTD (1980)
KZ440-A2 LTD (1981)
KZ440-A3 LTD (1982)
KZ440-A4 LTD (1983)
KZ440-B1 (1980)
KZ440-B2 (1981)
KZ440-D1 LTD Belt (1980)
KZ440-D1 LTD Belt (1980)
KZ440-D3 LTD Belt (1981)
KZ440-D4 LTD Belt (1982)
KZ440-D5 LTD Belt (1983)
KZ440-G1 (1982)

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