Halogen Headlight CB900 CB750 DOHC SOHC CB550 CB650

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Manufacturer: Aftermarket
Fits Make: Honda
Fits Model: CB900, CB750,650,550
Year Range: 1970-1982
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ID: Headlight Halogen H CB900 CB750 CB550 CB650
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This is a brand new halogen lens and replaceable bulb that fits in many different motorcycles- any motorcycle that utilizes a 7" round headlight can use this replacement lens and bulb assembly. Purchase inexpensive H4 bulbs from any auto parts store, instead of expensive sealed-lens assemblies from specialty suppliers!

This lens and bulb set fits:
Honda CB900C / CB900 C Custom
Honda CB900F / CB900 F Supersport ( Super Sport )
Honda CB1000C Custom 1983
Honda ANY CB900 / CB 900 1980-1982
Honda ANY CB750 / CB 750 1970-1983 SOHC and DOHC
Honda CB750K / CB750F / CB750C Custom / CB750SC Nighthawk
Honda CB650SC / CB650 SC Nighthawk 1982 -ONLY
Honda 1979 1978 CB550 / CB550K / CB550F
Honda CB500 Four 1971-1973

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Charlie , 08/07/2014

Holy Moly! So much brighter than my old sealed beam. It will be nice to be able to replace the bulb as well. Awesome!!