Honda CBR600F2 CBR600F3 CBR600 F2 F3 Round Key Ignition

SKU: 25762
UPC: 21-3820
Manufacturer: Honda
OEM PN: 1991-1996
Fits Make: Honda
Fits Model: CBR600F2
Year Range: 1991-1996
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Part Code:
ID: Round Key Ign Sw H CBR600F2 CBR600F3
Converted: Y

This is a BRAND NEW aftermarket replacement ignition switch and key for a 1991 � 1996 Honda CBR600F2 & CBR600F3 / CBR 600 F2 & F3. This ignition uses a unique round key system that is more resistant to damage and theft. It installs just like the stock unit does, however, including the harness connector and the steering lock mechanism.

Tubular key tumbler deters the most common attack on your motorcycle, defeat the alarm and steering lock by driving a screwdriver into the key slot and forcing the switch with a wrench. Most alarms utilize a delay before sounding and are automatically disarmed when the main switch is turned on. Even if the alarm is set to sound with no delay, it will silence when the main switch is turned. This design provides no ready opening to this method of attack, thereby providing a greater level of deterrent then an alarm alone. Used in combination with a quality alarm system with a page feature and an external lock on the brake rotor or high strength lock securing the motorcycle to a solid object, you have provided a significant deterrent to theft.

Manufacturer PN: CBR600F2
OEM PN: 1990-1994
Compatible model: CBR600F2
Compatible years:1990-1994

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