Dixie Chopper Front Fender

SKU: 42195
Manufacturer: Dixie
MFG PN: Everything/Universal
OEM PN: However you want to use it
Fits Make: Everything/Universal
Fits Model: Various
Year Range: However you want to use it
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ID: Chopper Rr Fender D
Converted: Y
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This is a Chopper Fender made by Dixie. It is unfinished formed sheet steel, and is 1/16" or 2mm thick. Its length, measured from outside edge to outside edge, straight across under the fender as it stands unsupported on a table-top is 291/8" or 74.6cm. The length inside edge to inside is 29 1/16" or 74.2cm. The outside circumfrence or length following the outside as though it were part of a large circle, is 40" or 101.5cm. The inside circumfrence (same as before, but this time around the inside of the fender), is 39 1/2" or 100.5cm.The fender width straight across, outside edge to outside, is 5" or 12.6cm. The measurement for the same distance, only from the inside edges this time are 4 7/8" or 12.3cm. The circumfrence of the width of this fender are 6 1/4" outside to outside or 16.1cm in metric. The same measurement inside edge to inside edge is 6" or 15.4cm. The down-turned or "rolled" edges on this fender are of a 1" radius or in metric 2.65cm radius. There are no dents or dings on it, but it doess have some spots of rust on it from water damage suffered by a section of our old facility. There are no mounting tabs on this part as to allow you to totally customize your bike the way you want it.

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